libee status update

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Yesterday we reached some important milestones:

  • defined an internal simple event representation format “int” to create test cases
  • wrote a decoder “int” -> CEE
  • wrote a syslog encoder CEE->syslog
    (with enough escapes to be testable, but without all details)
  • wrote a small program (int2syslog) that ties these pieces together and can be used to visualize test cases in syslog representation

All is available from the libee git at;a=summary

libee – first peek preview available

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

We have just published a first preview of the libee library API. This work is obviously far from being finished, but we think the preview provides at least some idea of how it will materialize.

To tell a bit about the status in general: We have completed a first round of evaluation of CEE objects and concepts, based on the draft standard. Note that the draft standard is far from being finished, and will probably undergo serious changes. As such, we have not literally taken object definitions from there. Instead, we have mostly pulled what we are currently interested in and also have added some additions here and there, as we need them to do what we intend to do.

Our primary goal is to get some proof of concept working first, then re-evaluate everything and probably do a rewrite of some parts. For the same reason, performance is currently not on our radar (but of course we always think about it ;)).

We would also like to note that the libee git is also available — and a good way to follow libee development for those interested. Comments are always appreciated and especially useful in this early phase.